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The leadership forum that leaves a lasting impression

The World Banknote Summit is a platform where the leaders of the global banknote community can meet and discuss current and future issues faced by banknotes as a form of payment. The summit plays host to various industry insiders and business experts who share their insights into banknotes, the dynamic and ever-changing face of the payments industry, the challenges on the horizon and potential solutions.


The programme consists of plenary speeches interspersed with workshops and discussions in intimate group settings, along with networking opportunities that maximise interaction among the summit’s attendees and give them a chance to share practical advice and insights. With a number of exciting topics on the agenda, the World Banknote Summit is a leadership forum that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.



The World Banknote Summit gets to the heart of the matter

The World Banknote Summit is far from a regular business forum. The focus here is not on touching all bases or providing a general overview. It is about getting to the heart of the issues that are of paramount importance to the payments industry, namely:


1. How can we turn banknotes into a more effective, efficient and above all competitive form of payment?
2. What does the payment landscape of the future look like and how do banknotes fit into this?


For a streamlined, focused summit, all discussions and talks address these two critical issues. Secondary topics such as ID solutions and security documents are not discussed. This enables attendees to share their experiences, learn from one another and listen to experts whose knowledge can be applied to real-world situations.



Prepare for a payment landscape in flux

We live in a time where payment solutions are continually evolving as the result of new technologies, digitalisation, social habits, economic development and changing regulations. Although some of these developments are yet to have a major impact, these are the exact areas we need to monitor closely – so that we are prepared for anything and everything.



What makes this conference different?

Small enough to be able to talk, big enough to be able to learn

The World Banknote Summit is purposefully designed to be a small-scale, intimate event. Why? Because it sets the stage for intensive exchanges with leading industry decision-makers and allows for the right balance of delegates from central banks, government printing works, and suppliers.



The experts: insights from speakers from within and outside the industry

The World Banknote Summit is the only event where experts from both within and outside the banknote community share their unique views on banknotes. In previous Summits, representatives from large supermarket chains, innovative mobile payment solution providers, the German Retail Federation (HDE), fintech companies, universities, association of the visually impaired, a renowned consulting company, a leading manufacturer of ATMs, and others, to offer their take on banknotes and on future payment scenarios and challenges.


The World Banknote Summit 2021 will also engage a range of experts to provide key insights and stimulate dialogue around banknotes as part of an ever-evolving payment landscape.


The agenda: shedding light on the forces and trends driving change in the sector

The organisers of the World Banknote Summit dedicate a great deal of time and effort to creating an engaging and informative conference agenda. They conduct interviews with various stakeholders in the banknote community in order to identify the most pressing topics in the currency space and determine which ones should be addressed at the World Banknote Summit. The result of these efforts is a captivating conference agenda packed with relevant topics. To guarantee that the presentations are consistently of the highest quality, all speakers follow a set of guidelines and receive constructive feedback from our own experts as part of a peer review process.


The formats: different presentation types for an engaging and exciting event

The World Banknote Summit relies on a range of presentation and discussion formats to keep things fresh and exciting. Getting the most out of the pool of expertise present at the conference and ensuring an efficient exchange of information is essential, which is why the agenda includes plenary presentations, diverse workshops, and deep-dive immersion sessions.


The World Banknote Summit: listen to the experts, join the discussion and embrace change.

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