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Conference Agenda

The conference program will examine the following key topics:


  • Covid-19: best practices in crisis management, key lessons learnt and the way forward
  • Demand planning for banknotes under difficult conditions
  • Improvements in banknote circulation management
  • The impact of digitization on the use of cash
  • Security printing in 2030: an outlook
  • Digitization in the printing works
  • Case study: efficiency improvements in the printing works
  • Case study: transforming a banknote printing works into a technology provider

The conference program represents a balanced mix of relevant topics for both central banks and banknote printers.

The WBS Webinar

The World Banknote Summit’s core objective is to provide high-value content. Whilst face-to-face contact with peers during the event is very important, our goal is to offer learning opportunities between summits as well.

The solution to this is the WBS Webinar series. In the WBS Webinar series, carefully selected topics will be discussed online with experts in the months preceding the next World Banknote Summit.

Benefit from the convenience of joining the WBS Webinar from your workplace with just a few clicks, access high-value content and engage in lively discussions.



Next WBS Webinar

The next WBS Webinar will be announced shortly.



Past WBS Webinars

10 March 2021 : The hidden potential of waste and cost reduction in security printing


In response to the increasing pressure from the market, most security printers have implemented measures to improve efficiency & quality, to remain competitive. But once the low hanging fruits are harvested, what should be the next steps?


The response is clear: identify the hidden costs. This WBS Webinar examined the potential of reducing hidden costs in banknote printing. It focused on three main aspects: waste reduction, most effective use of consumables, and production optimization. In his presentation, Jacques Lang from Seprinto & Partners showed several innovative solutions that help achieve these targets.


27 January 2021: Quality and productivity in the security printing plant

Uncompromising quality and highest productivity are the keys to success in a security printing plant. The smart combination of human skills, technology, organizational structures and processes is essential for achieving the desired outcome.

Sergio São João, Production Director of Valora S.A., and Florian Demaimay, Production Director of Oberthur Fiduciaire, are production experts with many years of experience. They shared with the audience the concepts they have put in place, and how they are tackling the challenges ahead.


21 October 2020: “Managing in crisis: how to prepare for a shutdown and a restart”


In a panel discussion titled “Managing in crisis: how to prepare for a shutdown and a restart”, Alberto Torfer, Production Director, Banco de México, and Thomas Scholler, Production Director, Oesterreichische Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH, spoke about how they managed the COVID-19 pandemic.



Innovative Session Formats


Individuals attending industry conferences do not only want to listen to speeches and watch presentations, but rather want to get actively involved in the discussion with experts and industry peers. To answer this demand, the World Banknote Summit uses a discussion format called “Chatbox”.


Chatboxes are designed to address a specific topic in small groups of up to 10 people. The Chatboxes last for 40 minutes and are moderated by an expert who is especially familiar with the topic. Following the introduction and sound exposure of the subject, the attendees are given the possibility to engage in a lively discussion with the expert and with other delegates participating in this particular Chatbox.


Several Chatboxes are run on multiple tracks, allowing attendees to choose their preferred topic from the variety of Chatboxes on offer.



The Printer Forum

Hands-on sessions with a practical approach have been a hallmark of the World Banknote Summit since its very beginning.


The latest addition to this portfolio is The Printer Forum. Created by printers for printers, it offers a framework in which security printers can exchange print-related information and experiences with each other in a dedicated environment. Chaired by seasoned experts from state printing works, it will cover a wide range of topics from new technologies in the printing works to lean management.


For more details on the expert moderators and the topics to be discussed, please refer to the agenda section.


Please note: Access to The Printer Forum is restricted to state printing works and partners of the World Banknote Summit operating security printing plants.

Immersion sessions


Immersion sessions are moderated sessions lasting 75 mins and addressing specific topics. They are designed for groups of about 30 – 40 people with the aim of fostering lively discussions and exchange between the panelists and the audience.


To ensure maximum flexibility of choice, several immersion sessions are hosted on multiple tracks, allowing delegates to choose their preferred topic of interest.

Date & Venue

The World Banknote Summit will take place virtually, from 22 to 24 November 2021.