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The Printer Forum

Traceability (& reconciliation) in the security printing plant

Being able to trace every single sheet and every banknote in the production process is crucial given the very sensitive nature of the printed product. But what processes work reliably, are cost-effective, and do not adversely impact the productivity in the printing hall? What technology is available that helps achieve these targets?


Lean management in security printing? Yes, of course!

State printing works (SPW) are exposed to an increasingly competitive environment. The concept of lean management provides some guidance when it comes to increasing the productivity and efficiency in the print hall. But how to go about implementing lean management? Where to start and what approach to take to achieve the best results?


New technology: the combined numbering & varnishing solution

In recent years, machines capable of numbering and varnishing banknotes in a single production step have become available and have been installed at various sites. Initial experiences have been gathered, and it is now time for SPWs to compare notes and share what they have learnt. However, it is not only a platform for SPWs employing this new technology to discuss the performance of the machines, but also for other SPWs without such machines to profit from the experience of their peers.


Please note that access to The Printer Forum is granted only to representatives of state printing works and World Banknote Summit partners operating a printing plant.