WBS Keyvisual 2020 master Green

Traceability in the security printing plant

This presentation will demonstrate how Oberthur Fiduciaire has developed a unique Banknote Resource Program which is designed to meet the needs of a Banknote Printing Plant. Our global system addresses all the areas of the banknote production process: Traceability, Security, Quality, and Production. This presentation will mainly focus on the traceability side. It will showcase how to find within a few clicks of the system all the relevant information related to every individual banknote: the process, the raw materials, the printing plates, the people involved in the production process, the workflow, up to and including the packaging details. In addition, it will also explain the main principles and the architecture chosen to build this customized state-of-the-art system which has delivered this full traceability. During the presentation, we will also cover various other security dimensions by providing a glimpse of Security Seals and RFID tracking options, both used in the packaging areas, which provide additional enhancements.