WBS Keyvisual 2020 master Green

Global yield optimization through defect detection, monitoring and defect data management

The banknote printing industry is facing cost-effectiveness challenges to move forward to the industry of the future 4.0. Dealing with high quality and security standards is crucial in the fight against counterfeiting: How should measurable quality standards to evaluate and validate the conformity of banknotes be defined; How can cash circulation be made more efficient? This presentation looks from a global approach to the banknote manufacturing industry, and presents the Automatic Optical Inspection technology as an integral solution for quality and conformity checking and validation. Also defect detection data can be integrated on decision making to improve the efficiency of banknote manufacturing. In an industry deeply engrained to traditions and habits, the role of IN-CORE Systèmes and other companies alike is to provide objectively reliable tools to measure quality and to build trust on all the collected data to exploit it for future banknote production.