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Dar As-Sikkah augmented banknote experience: Creativity & innovation

-The new augmented note Dar As-Sikkah: The printing and minting facility of Bank Al-Maghrib (Central Bank of Morocco) consistently endeavors to produce innovative and high added value products. As a true testament to the blend of tradition and modernity, Dar As-Sikkah produced a digitally interactive banknote that is perfectly enhanced with an Augmented Reality cellphone App specially developed for the purpose. The project was completed in a record time: 6 weeks from design to finishing. This innovative and original banknote was produced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bank. Through this app the users can discover the technical, artistic and security features,… -Dar As-Sikkah a multi-substrate printer: This year, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of the King Mohammed VI, initial considerations led to the idea of exploring again a different substrate: polymer. The commemorative 20DH note was printed on polymer with an audacious design that fully exploits the potential of the substrate to demonstrate the wealth of the celebrated event.