180103 Alejandro ALEGRE Banco de Mexico SW 200 227


Alejandro Alegre


General Director of Currency Issuance and Main Cashier

Banco de México



Alejandro Alegre is General Director of Currency Issuance and Main Cashier at the Banco de México. He has been with the bank since 2001 and has held different positions including Advisor to the Board of Governors, Security Director, and General Director of Planning and Budget. Previous to this, he spent 14 years working in Civilian Intelligence Services in Mexico. He was General Director of the Planning Center for Drug Control, the Intelligence Agency of the Office of the Mexican Attorney General and General Director of the National Security Intelligence Center (CISEN). He is a qualified lawyer.

About the company

Banco de México is the Central Bank of Mexico.


New printing works and the new banknote series in Mexico


This presentation focuses on two strategic multiannual projects that make the provision of banknotes to the mexican economy more efficient, ensure the business continuity and increase the security and durability of the banknotes. A first-hand account of the challenges during the construction and incommissioning of the new printing plant will be given : which items deserve special attention, what worked well, and what could be improved? The second part describes the creation of the new banknote Series, elaborating on the various aspects of the project, the key decisions that had to be made, and the presentation of the final result.

Stefan HARDT Bundesbank SW 200 227


Stefan Hardt


Director General Cash Management

Deutsche Bundesbank




Stefan Hardt trained as a bank clerk before going on to study business management at the Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences. He performed various functions and managerial positions at Deutsche Bundesbank. Since 2015, he has been Director General Cash Management at the Bundesbank’s Central Office.

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Deutsche Bundesbank is the Central Bank of Germany.



Keynote Address

180123 Stefan HUCH Capgemini SW 200 227


Dr. Stefan Huch


Head of Payments & Blockchain D/A/CH/NL

Capgemini Consulting



Dr. Stefan Huch, Head of Payments & Blockchain D/A/CH/NL has been with Capgemini Consulting since July 2007. After studying business administration at the University of Leipzig and the Technical University of Lisbon, Dr. Huch gained two years of experience in financial services as a trainee at the HSH Nordbank.

About the company

Capgemini Consulting is the Global Strategy and Transformation Consulting brand of the Capgemini Group. Capgemini Consulting specializes in advising and supporting enterprises in significant transformation, from innovative strategy to execution and with an unstinting focus on results. With the new digital economy creating significant disruptions and opportunities, a global team of over 3,000 talented individuals work with leading companies and governments to master Digital Transformation.


World Payments Report - Developments in Global Payments and digital Footprints


The World Payment Report is an in-depth analysis of today´s dynamic payments environment. The report studies the growing demand for value-added services coupled with structural changes in the financial industry that are forcing banks and industry participants to build a new payments ecosystem collaboratively. WPR also analyzes the evolution of next-generation payment instruments, and the role of cash in this future payment landscape.

Pradeep Mahraraj South African Reserve Bank SW 200 227


Pradeep Maharaj


Group Executive Currency Management

South African Reserve Bank




Pradeep joined the South African Reserve Bank in November 2012 and is currently the Group Executive Currency Management. He is responsible for the security and currency management functions which includes oversight and responsibility for the two currency producing subsidiaries of the Bank, viz. SA Bank Note Company and the SA Mint. Before this, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. responsible for the human resources, financial, business systems and technology and facilities management functions.Pradeep has a diverse background having spent seventeen years in the public sector, ten years in the auditing profession and four years in the private sector.Pradeep holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science from the University of South Africa and has completed the Senior Executive Programme for Africa with the Wits and Harvard Business Schools.

About the company

South African Reserve Bank is the Central Bank of South Africa.



The Nelson Mandela 100 year commemorative note: a first-hand account


The South African Reserve Bank set out to create a commemorative note to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 100th anniversary. This presentation will give a first-hand account on the challenges encountered in the various project phases, and elaborates on how the SARB launched this commemorative note.

171121 Hansjoerg NAUMER Allianz Global SW 200 227


Hans-Jörg Naumer

Global Head of Capital Markets, Thematic Research, Contributing Editor to "Wirtschaftliche Freiheiten"

Allianz Global Investors


Hans-Jörg Naumer joined Allianz Global Investors in 2000 and is Global Head of Capital Markets & Thematic Research. The focus of his work is on analysis relating to strategic and tactical allocations, specific investment opportunities and the identification of long-term investment trends. Furthermore he is the “European Hub” of the US-based Allianz GI Center of Behavioral Finance. He publishes i.a. at "Ökonomenstimme" & "Wirtschaftliche Freiheit".

About the company

Allianz Global Investors is an active investment manager with more than EUR 494 billion in assets under management for institutional and retail clients around the world. Our business is diversified across equity, fixed-income, alternative and multi-asset strategies and diversified by region.


Introductory Presentation


Bram SCHOLTEN DNB SW 200 227


Bram Scholten


Senior Policy Advisor

De Nederlandsche Bank





Bram Scholten serves on the staff of DNB’s Cash Policy Department. He has been a member of the ESCB’s Banknote Committee from 2000-2010. In 2011/12, he chaired BANCO’s taskforce that prepared its so-called ‘Cash2020’ report. Most recently, he chaired the taskforce of the Netherlands National Payments Forum on the future of cash. Bram joined DNB in 1980, worked at the IMF and the ECB, and held positions at DNB as deputy head of the monetary and economic policy department and head of the statistics department. He has a master's degree in economics and law.

About the company

De Nederlandsche Bank, which is part of the Eurosystem, is the Central Bank of the Netherlands.



Cash in the Netherlands: decline in progress


The use of cash in the Netherlands has been declining in past years. At the WBS 2017, Bram Scholten gave a first-hand account on how the DNB is addressing the challenges related to this decline. This presentation gives and update on what has happened since, and how the Netherlands are responding to the continuing decline in the use of cash.

180205 Armin Stockli CI Tech SW 200 227


Armin Stöckli


Head of Algorithms for Banknote Processing / R&D

CI Tech



Armin Stoeckli has an engineering/scientific background. Actually he is head of the algorithm R&D-team for authentication and fitness sorting at CI Tech. Other interests are cost-effective sensors for banknote processing. He has intense collaborations with other industries and government agencies regarding new machine readable features and banknote design.He has been working for CI Tech Sensors AG since 2007. Before he worked for industries in R&D, quality assurance and government in radar procurement. Armin Stöckli holds a diploma degree of Physics and a PhD of natural sciences (ETH Zurich).

About the company

Switzerland-based CI Tech Sensors AG is a specialist in producing banknote validators based on full image sensor technology. These sensors are used in ATMs, Cash Recycling Machines, retail and table top sorters. They are installed worldwide and templets for more than seventy currencies are supported. CI Tech Sensors AG, former BEB Industrie-Elektronik AG (founded 1981), is now hold by Diebold-Nixdorf AG (majority) and Giesecke & Devrient GmbH


Automated note inspection: the crucial role of sensors


Banknote circulation is becoming increasingly automated, with sensors playing an important role in the cash cycle. From small tabletop devices to complex industrial note inspection solutions, sensors deliver the data for banknote counting, authentication and fitness sorting. Their performance and reliability are vital for the detection of counterfeits and unfit notes, and they are key to maintaining a consistent fitness level of the banknotes in circulation. The result is a high level of trust in banknotes and the cash cycle. Inadequate sensors could create havoc.This presentation looks at the role of sensors in the cash cycle: What are installed sensors capable of today, and what are their limitations? What impact do sensors have on the selection of machine readable features, note design & specification, to ensure efficient and trustworthy note circulation?